Residential Pool Cleaning Service

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We are a full-service pool cleaning and maintenance company with three (3) levels of service to fit your needs. Choose from our Diamond, Platinum, or Gold levels to fit your pool needs. Every level of service receives an emailed report of each service visit detailing the service, chemical status, chemicals used and a picture of your clean pool. Our Gold level of service includes:

  1. Weekly email report of each visit, chemical readings, actions taken, and picture
  2. Test & maintain chemical balance
  3. Empty pool cleaner bags
  4. Empty skimmer basket
  5. Empty pump baskets
  6. Vacuum all settled debris
  7. Net all surface debris
  8. Brush walls, steps and tile line
  9. Backwashing as needed
  10. Visually inspect equipment

The price is based on the size of your pool. Call us for a free estimate and pool review!

Start enjoying your pool today!